Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trauma of Biological Birth

Source: http://www.spiritreleasement.org/birth_regression.htm

Birth Trauma

Birth may be the most traumatic and dangerous experience one can undergo in life. Freud saw the birth as the first trauma and the origin of all anxieties at the root of later psychic problems.

However, he claimed that the experience was too deeply buried in the unconscious to be retrieved. Especially since it happened in the preverbal consciousness, he thought the trauma was not open to analysis.

Otto Rank, who broke with Freud over this point, insisted that the biological birth trauma must be confronted and relived for resolution.

Human behavior tends to reenact birth: emotional, sexual, psychosomatic and cognitive patterns seem to be in some sense duplications of an intensified memory experience during the birth. It seems that most people are fixated or stuck in the birth trauma.

Past life patterns which plague a person through the present life are re-stimulated sometime during the pre-natal period or the birth and peri-natal experience.

Recall of a past life situation can be triggered in the mind of the unborn or neonate by a sound or smell, the position of the body during birth, the attitude of mother, or the absence of mother's consciousness caused by anesthesia administered during the last minutes of labor and delivery.

The stimulus may be a word or a phrase spoken, especially with strong emotion, by the mother or father anytime during the pregnancy, or the attending physician or nurses during delivery. In a past life therapy session, it is necessary to locate this trigger point in the pre-natal or birth experience.

The major aspect of the consciousness, or the soul, enters at or near the first breath. However, part of the consciousness seems to be connected with the body from the moment of conception, receiving and recording all experience in the forming body including the thoughts and feelings of the mother.

This information is unfiltered, unprocessed and accepted without judgment or discrimination. The impact of this information can have devastating effects on the mind and life of the person in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

The distorted memories and experiences of the newborn can be corrected in adulthood through pre- and peri-natal therapy and birth regression.

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