Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My thoughts on Ghosts and Spirits

For thousands of years, ghosts and spirits have fascinated many, who believe that they are the souls of people who have died and who have entered a realm beyond the physical.

I have a theory on what ghosts and spirits actually are.

I believe that spirits are nothing paranormal at all, but may in fact be terrestrial in origin. I think that they are actually a type of animal species that exists as pure energy (how this occurs I do not know) and are 'invisible' to us because we lack the ability to see them.

They are like radio waves. We cannot see radio waves but with equipment we can detect them, because they exist.

I believe spirits live in the upper parts of the atmosphere where they feed off solar radiation.

Going further into my theory, I might sound ridiculous but I also think that spirits are able to shape-shift.

This shape-shifting ability might come naturally. If spirits feed off the energy of a dying creature, it could aquire the creature's appearance and traits. Of course, as pure energy, spirits are able to transform themselves at will anytime they wish to.

We do know of parasitic creatures in Nature that feed off their hosts' bodies and acquire their physical appearance and traits, so spirits, as terrestrial beings, could have the same ability.

What are Perceptual Realities?

In my previous post I mentioned about Perceptual Realities. For the uninformed, here is a brief explanation of this term, which I have invented.

A perceptual reality does not exist universally.

For example, the laws of physics exist universally throughout the universe, eg. Gravity.

Beauty and ugliness, for example, do not exist universally. They exist only based on people's perceptions of a given object.

A car enthusiast might say cars are the most beautiful things in the world, but a card collector would say cards are the most beautiful things in the world.

Both of them disagree on a given object because both have their own perceived concepts of beauty.

This shows that beauty and ugliness do not exist universally and are limited to one's perceptions of his/her reality.

Existence as a Perceptual Reality

My first post will begin with one of the greatest questions of Philosophy.

What I am going to write below is just a theory that I have, and you, as the reader, is encouraged to think deeply about this topic.

Existence is a perceptual reality. It exists only because we are able to question its existence. If we, as conscious beings, do not exist, how, then, would we know if existence exists, since we cannot be its witnesses?

Our minds are incapable of processing 'nothingness'. We've always known 'something'. Even what we think of as 'nothing' is 'something'. We cannot imagine nothingness, so, ultimately, we think that everything exists!

If there is 'nothingness', we wouldn't know, since we would also be nothing, and would lack the ability to question or process 'nothingness', because we wouldn't exist!

You might say, 'I think, therefore I exist.' This is a flawed statement, because it assumes that 'I' exists.

Does existence, then, exist only in the minds of all conscious beings in a shared network?