Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Existence as a Perceptual Reality

My first post will begin with one of the greatest questions of Philosophy.

What I am going to write below is just a theory that I have, and you, as the reader, is encouraged to think deeply about this topic.

Existence is a perceptual reality. It exists only because we are able to question its existence. If we, as conscious beings, do not exist, how, then, would we know if existence exists, since we cannot be its witnesses?

Our minds are incapable of processing 'nothingness'. We've always known 'something'. Even what we think of as 'nothing' is 'something'. We cannot imagine nothingness, so, ultimately, we think that everything exists!

If there is 'nothingness', we wouldn't know, since we would also be nothing, and would lack the ability to question or process 'nothingness', because we wouldn't exist!

You might say, 'I think, therefore I exist.' This is a flawed statement, because it assumes that 'I' exists.

Does existence, then, exist only in the minds of all conscious beings in a shared network?

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