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Birth Regression

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Birth Regression

There are two approaches to the pre-natal and birth experience. During past life exploration the natural progression leads from the past life into the Light. From the planning stage in the Light just before the present life begins, a being can move into the earth plane and locate the woman who will be the mother in the lifetime to come.

The client is guided to the experience of mother and father as they join in the union which will lead to conception. This interaction can be, loving in a romantic setting, or it can be rape, incest, or a drunken brawl between a husband and a wife.

The moment of conception occurs when the sperm meets and breaks through into the egg. The therapist allows the client time to experience this silently as it is usually indescribable. A person may get a sense of electric shock beginning at the top of their head and moving entirely down the length of their body.

The emotions and sensations involved in the interaction between mother and father are fully registered on the consciousness of the incoming being. The client may report a time when mom and dad are making love or fighting.

The moment when momma discovers she's pregnant is usually registered clearly; dad's reaction when she tells him she's pregnant may be even more significant. He may react in anger, "Oh no, not another kid," or something similar.

This may set the emotional tone for the life to come. If several months pass between conception and the discovery of pregnancy the being may feel invisible, unacknowledged, denied. This also foretells an attitude in the family.

Pregnancy can terminate by miscarriage if the desire to leave is strong enough. Early crib death may result from the unwillingness of the being to engage in life. Any thoughts the parent may have about abortion are registered by the consciousness and the client will react strongly as this memory surfaces.

The incoming spirit knows at that point everything that is transpiring and reacts as a personality. The therapist guides the client in a thorough exploration of these responses from the parents.

If there is a strong or painful reaction, especially if the reaction still affects the present day relationships, it can be used as a bridge to a trauma in a prior lifetime that leads into the pre-natal situation.

This will often uncover a time when the roles of parent and child were reversed. As this past life resentment, even the resistance to the present life circumstance often seems to dissolve.

The therapist uses gentle prompting to move the client forward in the pre-natal experience. This continues until the client feels the time of delivery is near. There may be a strong desire to get out of there. The client will usually describe incredible pressure on the head, and a feeling of being squeezed.

There might be a resistance, an aversion to leaving the security of the womb. Despite this resistance the physiology moves on irrevocably to conclusion. This reluctance to leave the womb can manifest as a breech presentation at birth.

Finally when it feels hopeless to the infant, like they're gong to be crushed from top to bottom, head to toe, there is an easing of the pressure against the top of the head as the cervix begins to dilate. In the birth canal they are squeezed, there is a combination of pleasure and pain, fear and resistance to coming out. As the baby emerges there is usually the bight light, the unfamiliar sounds in the delivery room and the inevitable separation from Mother.

If there is anesthesia which dulls mother's consciousness the infant experiences that momma goes away. There's a separation mentally as well as physically. The infant feels abandoned, rejected and does not understand what is happening.

This perceived separation can develop into a fear of separation which may pervade an entire lifetime. There is often enormous anger at that point. The newborn has the feelings but cannot express them. The therapist encourages the client to cry and express the anger, using the language of the adult.

The therapist can probe to determine the source of the anger. What expectations were there before coming in? What happened? What didn't happen at the time of the birth? What agreements were made between mother and child in the planning stage? At the time the conception what agreements were broken? The anger is often about broken agreements.

These memories can be uncovered, revivified and the attendant emotions expressed. When the anger is healed, forgiveness is possible. This resolves the conflict.

There second approach to the birth experience is a gentle regression from the present moment backward in time. The intention is to explore the birth, pre-natal and conception. With the client in a comfortable position the therapist guides softly.


"Breathe in deeply, breathe in light as you breath in and breathe out, relaxing more and more with each breath you take.

A little deeper relaxed with each breath that you take. Breathe in the most beautiful color, the most beautiful color that you can imagine.

As that color fills you let yourself move back, back in time, back through the years. Back to before you were born and you were inside your mother.

Let the color carry you back, let the color carry you back to before you were inside. Before your physical body was conceived. Before the physical experience began.

Find yourself now as a point of consciousness close to the woman that you seem to be drawn to, attracted to. Close to the woman who will become your mother. Describe your first reaction, your response as you locate the woman."

The response may be immediate. It usually doesn't take much longer than this for the client to access the memory. Birth regression is a deeply profound experience for the client and can unravel much of the distortion of the present lifetime.

Human birth is a miracle of existence. A mother's womb is an intricate and delicate mechanism which furnishes the portal or passageway for a discarnate spirit to manifest in the physical world in a human form.

Birth regression is a stimulating process and provides a rich source of material which can be used therapeutically for the healing of the client.

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